DHE is the European Platform for citizen-Patients’ Organisations, Science and Industry, an independent, not-for-profit, partnership-based multi-stakeholder organisation founded in 1994 and based in Brussels, Belgium. The old legal structure was closed 2017, and DHE 2.0 revealed. Its mission is to provide a consensus/value-driven sustainable multi-stakeholder framework on innovations until their implementation in society. Through novel multi-sectorial knowledge management and exchange,

DHE provides equally-weighted outcomes among all members of a knowledge chain that includes for example; citizens, patients, scientists, innovators, payers, and care providers. In this context, we promote across Europe the emergence of cutting-edge health/bio medicine related solutions such as for improved awareness/coaching and patient self-care, as well as for health information & data management.

As DHE was the first to talk about HTA later became EuNeTHA, Now we are the first to improve Data quality and liability management, stopping Anonymisation as a relic of the past, replacing it with a shared Intellectual Property (IP) solution of the common knowledge chain.

By Block chain technology, the IoT and Real time access to the data source, the  augmented Artificial Intelligence (AI) decision making will be the Research and Development Goals in the upcoming years with our members.

As trusted partner assessing the internal Communication and data governance processes ongoing  improving outcomes.

Below you will find your ecosystem in an old smoke-pipe approach with the value proposal as needed to interact with the unsustainable now and past structures to enable implementation of change management.

DHE Stakeholders (non-exhaustive listing)

Citizen-Patient Organisations


Patient Umbrella Organisations

Diagnose related patient organisations

Burden of disease related patient organisations



Public health Research

Burden of disease related Research

Diagnostic related Research

Citizen science



Pharma Industry

Medtech Industry

ICT & Communications Industry

SME’s  &  Start-ups



Public Health







Health & Care Professionals

Health & Care Service Providers


Infrastructure (domestic & transport)

Healthcare Systems


Competent Authorities

Regulators & Assessment bodies

HTA Agencies

Reimbursement Agencies

Value proposition

Value proposition

Value proposition

Value proposition

Value proposition

Value proposition

  • Faster access to effective, safe and more personalised treatment
  • Literate patients empowered with trustfull, actionable information
  • Access to longitudinal health data
  • Duly informed granular consent

  • Facilitated access to quality real world health data
  • ELSI for real world health data

  • Faster and cheaper cross border trials
  • Facilitated market access
  • Trusted data sharing & citizen-patient information
  • Faster adverse event detection

  • Reduced use of more effective drugs, therapies & resources
  • Sustainable EU health systems
  • Real world data driven health innovation

  • Interoperable access to validated real world health data
  • Literate patients empowered with trustfull, actionable information

  • Real world evidence by literate patient involvement
  • Near real time Post Market Surveillance
  • Faster adverse event detection
  • Cross border health data accessibility

DHE Projects

Awareness/ coaching

 24/7 Health Monitoring

(WHODAS 2.0)

Digital Triage outside the Primary/Secondary/Tertiary Health and Care: DHE value chain provides chronic disease prevention and care solutions through data governance, while creating access to the digital citizen-patients throughout the EU. Read more

Rapid HTA

DHE provides Rapid Health Technology Assessments for new health and care products and services, using its expert stakeholders representing patients, industry, healthcare, academia, payers, providers, … .
Read more

Self Care Barometer      24/7 Vital Life Signs Monitoring          

DHE provides governance needed to validate, coordinate, and guarantee value based solutions for all involved, while using Rapid HTA (among other assessments) for better health outcomes. Read more

Clinical Trial

Citizen Patient Health Data Continuum

Rare Disease Support and Management

View the story

Standardisation of Interoperability 

Blockchain technology

DHE supports decision-making by using real time/real world data, collected 24/7. The validated data is made available for all stakeholders within the value chain. Read more

Patient Health Data IP (GDPR)

DHE supports European Health Cloud initiative, guaranteeing data availability for all stakeholders, using governance copies of European Digital Peer Patient/citizen Alliance, where the Patients remain the Intellectual Property owners of their data. Read more

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Upcoming Events

23 June – 24 June

Imec ITF
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30 September – 2 October

European Health Forum Gastein
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