The first meeting of the EU ‘HTA Network’ of national authorities and bodies responsible for health technology assessment (HTA) took place on October 16, 2013. This is another key step forward toward safeguarding measures that will ensure Member States use HTAs to deliver on patients’ best interests.

This collaboration promises to save healthcare expenditure through enabling the sharing of information and workload and by the establishment of common clinical guidelines for assessment. Reducing extensive duplication of assessment, where currently each individual Member State conducts its own HTA review of essentially the same evidence, could also be fairer for patients. The diversity in outcomes of clinical appraisals by Member States that occur due to the current variability in quality and methods used for evidence assessment, can result in a location lottery for citizens of Europe for approved healthcare.

For those in the dark about HTA, please see the link below to see how HTA process works from the laboratory to patient: